• To bring together key researchers and stakeholders involved in biotechnology, climate change research, science management and networking in Egypt, Germany, Japan and Italy to examine how new advances in these topics can be used to benefit agriculture and health in developing countries especially in Egypt.
  • To develop and explore ways of increasing capacity in climate change research, biotechnology and science management in Egypt.
  • Fostering activities of the Alexander von Humboldt and JSPS Foundations by making the Foundations’ programs more visible to promising scientists in Egypt and encourage the Egyptian scientists to be enrolled in either the German scientific community or Japanese scientific community.
  • Discussing recent scientific topics relevant to our developmental plans particularly in Biotechnology, Climate change research and Science management in line with the Egyptian national vision 2030.
  • Strengthening interdisciplinary networking between the scientists and scholars sponsored by the two foundations.
  • Reinforcing the awareness and interest in reciprocal collaborative research between German, Japanese and Egyptian scientists.
  • To strengthen the activities of AvH Alumni Associations in Egypt.
  • Celebrating the scientific and technological cooperation between either Germany or Japan and Egypt.