The scientific and cultural relationships between Egypt and either Germany or Japan are very deep since its establishment centuries ago of the major elements in creating strong ties are the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) and Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS). Alexander von Humboldt and JSPS Foundations had sponsored since its establishment more than 700 Egyptian scientists (403 Humboldtians and about 300 JSPS Fellows) in various fields. After their return to home institutes, they have established strong scientific schools. Moreover, Egyptian scientists feel the need to have international collaborations, exchange visits and expertise for keeping up with development of their research.  This is the way to improve their research quality and get invitations to apply for fellowships, especially those of Humboldt foundation, other German scholarships and from JSPS.  Due to this need, the JSPS and AvH scientific communities in Egypt decided to have this meeting in the form of an interdisciplinary conference in the fields of Biotechnology, climate change and Science management in the frame of joint meeting entitled “Science and science management for sustainable development”. The topic of the meeting is broad enough in order to bring together eminent scientists involved in biotechnology and climate change research, science management and networking to address fundamental issues related to the sustainable development in Egypt.

In many developing countries the role and the importance of science and science management as the engine of sustainable development is under discussion. The question is whether the emphasis should be shifted from basic research to applied research in order to speed up the development in industry and increase the sustainability especially in developing countries. The main objective of this meeting is to address these issues from various prospective and to compare the situation surrounding basic and applied research in the three countries. It will promote a fruitful space and time for interaction between very prominent researchers from important Egyptian, Japanese, German and Italian institutions, aiming at promoting relevant discussions on scientific and technological challenges that Egypt faces nowadays, based on our successful Egyptian-German-Japanese experiences. This event was designed  as a interdisciplinary conference  in order to gather Egyptain Humboldtians and JSPS alumni  in Egypt interested in the topics of the meeting and  know these researchers each other and to learn where they are, and how the Humboldt and JSPS experience has impacted their lives and careers, including the cultural aspects.
The proposed meeting will also provide an environmental platform for junior scientists seeking for opportunities to study or research in either Germany or Japan. Furthermore, there will be a session for announcing initiatives, for instance the study programs and fellowships available, presented by partner institutions such as the German Science Centre (DWZ), DAAD, DFG, German Embassy, JSPS and JICA. Also, keynote lectures will be delivered by experienced leaders to equip our junior scientists (PhD students and post-doc.) with knowledge, skills and leadership for the future; thus producing more qualified applications for the research fellowship programs of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. This will lead to strengthening the existing cooperation and have more knowledge about AvH for junior scientists.